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Model 723 Transfer Standard with Cal/Sample Valves


723 module

In addition to the Equivalent Method UV Photometer, the Model 723 includes an internal zero air supply, ozone generator and a valve to switch the photometer inlet from sample air to the ozone generator output.

The 723 can be used as an ambient analyzer with internal zero/span or as an Ozone Transfer Standard Calibrator, for calibrating external analyzers.

A three port ozone output manifold allows ozone to be directed to the internal photometer and an external instrument simultaneously.

The internal zero air supply provides clean pollutant-free air to the ozone generator with sufficient flow to supply ozone to two photometers.

The Model 723 is an ideal replacement for the Dasibi 1008-RS.


Rear Panel


Ozone Photometer Specifications

723 rear

Analog outputs:

4 isolated 16-bit outputs with 100 mV to 10V independently selectable ranges

Full Scale Range:

0 500 PPB, 0 1000 PPB, 0 - 10 PPM, independently programmable for each output

Sample Flow Rate:

.5 to 2.0 LPM, adjustable

Photometer Cycle Time:

3 to 20 seconds, adjustable

Zero Noise:

< 0.0003 PPM

Span Noise:

< 0.5% of reading (above 100 PPB)


< 1 PPB


< 1% of full scale

Zero Drift:

< .001 PPM per month

Span Drift:

< 1% of reading per wk

Lag / Rise / Fall Times:

10 / 20 / 20 seconds, respectively (with fast cycle setting)


Ozone Generator Specifications:

Ozone Output Range:

0 to 1000 PPB at 5 SLPM zero air flow, software selectable

Minimum Non-zero Ozone:


Ozone Output Resolution:

0.5 PPB

Ozone Output Linearity:

+/- 1% of range

Zero Air Flow Rate:

2.5 to 6.5 LPM, software selectable

Zero Air Pollutant Concentrations:

NO, NO2, H2S, SO2, O3, Non-methane hydrocarbons < 1PPB


Module Specifications:



+5, +/-15V & +24V at less than 80 Watts

12V Option:

9-16V at less than 7 amps


7 wide x 4.9 high x 19.5 long (178 x 124.5 x 495 mm)


9 lb (4 kg)




Flow Diagram


723 flow



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