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Model 322 Gas Dilution Calibrator


322 module

The Model 322 Dilution Calibrator is a state-of-the-art precision instrument that produces precise, software selectable concentrations of multiple gases for the calibration of air quality analyzers. Precise Mass Flow Meters control the gas output to the selected concentration.

A built-in ozone generator provides a very repeatable ozone output at concentrations ranging from only a few PPB to greater than 1 PPM at a flow rate of up to 5 LPM. The ozone can be combined with NO gas to produce precise NO2 calibrations using Gas Phase Titration (GPT).

The Model 322 Dilution Module can be paired with the Model 732 Ozone Primary Standard Module in a Dual Docking Station for ultra-precise ozone generator control. In this configuration, the ozone measured by the 732's photometer is used to regulate the output of the 322's ozone generator.

Installed in either Docking Station, the Model 322 is an ideal replacement for the Dasibi 5008. In a Dual Docking Station, the 322/732 combo is an ideal replacement for the Dasibi 5008 w/D&P.



Rear Panel


322 rear

Dilution System Specifications

Accuracy of Flow Measurements:

+/- 0.5% of Full Scale

Repeatability of Flow Control:

+/- 0.1% of Full Scale

Linearity of Flow Measurements:

+/- 0.5% of Full Scale

MFC Range for Dilution Air:

0 10 SLPM standard - other ranges available

MFC Range for Dilution Gases:

0 100 SCPM standard - other ranges available


Ozone Generator Specifications:

Ozone Output Range:

0 to 1000 PPB at 5 SLPM zero air flow, software selectable

Minimum Non-zero Ozone:


Ozone Output Resolution:

0.5 PPB

Ozone Output Linearity:

+/- 1% of range

Nominal Ozone Flow:

100 SCCM

UV Lamp Temperature:

50 +/- 0.1C


Digital I/O Specifications

Status input voltage range:

up to 35V, TTL, or contact closure

Control output maximum voltage:


Control output maximum current:

500mA with all outputs activated; 1.2A with only one


Module Specifications:



+5, +/-15V & +24V at less than 80 Watts

12V Option:

9-16V at less than 7 Amps



7 wide x 4.9 high x 19.5 long (178 x 124.5 x 495 mm)



9 lb (4 kg)




Flow Diagram


322 flow


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