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Tanabyte's Modular Instrument Designs
A typical Tanabyte "Module"

Tanabyte's unique modular instrument design philosophy allows the customer unprecedented flexibility in configuring instruments for specific applications.

Whether your need is for a precision Gas Dilution Calibrator, an ultra-precise Ozone Calibration Standard or an EPA Equivalent Method Ozone Analyzer, all pneumatics and electronics needed to perform the calibration or analysis function are mounted on a removable "Module".

For ease of service, each Module is self-contained and can be operated, calibrated and maintained independent of the Docking Station, by simply applying DC power or by using an extender cable and operating from a PC or Docking Station front panel.

t322 tray
(Model 322 Calibration Module shown)

One or more Calibration or Analysis Modules may be inserted into the "Docking Station" that best suits the needs of the application.

No tools or cables are needed to insert or remove a Module in a Docking Station. All electrical connections are made by means of a self-aligning docking connector that engages when the module is plugged in.

  The Portable Docking Station

The Portable Docking Station is small, lightweight and rugged - ideal for field auditors and traveling service personnel. It is designed to accept any calibration or analysis module.

The small size of the Portable Docking Station also makes it ideal for bench mounted applications where space is at a premium.

722-724 inside
The Dual Docking Station
The Dual Docking Station supports two independent modules in a rack mountable enclosure. Its 5¼” height requires less rack space than most other rack-mountable air quality instruments on the market, which are typically 7” or higher.

What is a "Docking Station"?

A "Docking Station" is a rugged enclosure designed to provide "Docking Ports" for one or more Tanabyte modules. In addition to enclosing the modules, a Docking Station has the following features:

  • Docking Ports for one or more modules
  • A User Interface for controlling and monitoring the modules
  • Power Supplies
  • Ventilation
  • Network Connections
  • Data storage

What is a "Docking Port "?

A "Docking Port" is a plug-in slot designed to accept any 7” wide analysis or calibration Module manufactured by Tanabyte. Each Docking Port consists of two slides, captive nuts to secure the module in place and a self-aligning docking connector to provide power and communications to the module.

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